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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank God for Friends!!!

We have had some fun packed weekends in the month of June! Here are a few pics showing some of the fun we had!!! Thanks for all the fun memories! We love you guys!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tribute to My Dad! Just call us "The Peppers"

As babies, my sisters and I had a small "I'm a pepper" T-shirt that we wore around the house from the time we were like 9 months old until we outgrew it (around 2 or 3 years old). It of course matched the one our dad had. My dad is a recovering Dr. Pepper-holic, and by recovering I mean he drinks diet now!!!LOL Since he is just a few years older and is living a much healthier lifestyle now to keep him healthy! Anyway, I'm not to sure what happened to our matching shirts, but I am sure after 10 years of wear from the time they started me to the time my baby sister Christy wore it, it probably was worn out and time for the trash! When we were at the Dr. Pepper musuem what a better surprise for my dad than to get him a "I'm a Pepper" shirt identical to the ones we had! :) So to really add to the sentimental value of this shirt I got one for each of us girls and of course gotta make it a generational thing and got my son, Eli, one as well!!! We three girls and Eli put our shirts on and had Eli take Papa his shirt! I was hoping for a tear but that's okay dad I know you teared up in your heart!!! ;)
I tried to find the picture of me as a baby in the shirt but its still packed away from the move and cannot find it! So here are the present day pics of us in the new shirts!
I do not know how we got Eli to smile in one pic and not the other!?! Its hard to get a SUPER ACTIVE 3 year old boy to actually look at the camera and smile all at once!!! Suggestions welcome!

Friday, June 5, 2009

So there are a few things I have to say about this:
1. Thank God for great cooks!
2. Thank God for Pharmaceutical Reps!!
3. and FORGET THE DIET!!!!

I rewarded myself and ate not just one but two of these YUMMY cookies for lunch today... I need the pumping up for this weekends house project! I am ashamed to show this but we have just thrown stuff in our extra room when we were cleaning in a hurry, and it has exploded and I am tired of it!!! So my goal is to get this room cleaned out this weekend!

The Perfect Day!!!

Oops I forgot to post our welcome home! When we were driving back on our way home I couldn't help but be happy... We were singing to the iPod and I was getting in some quality prayer time as I stared out the window at God's beautiful creation. We came back into Oklahoma welcomed by the perfect weather! Clouds but not cloudy...sun shining...warm but not hot...and a soft breeze! The perfect Oklahoma summer day! I couldn't help but pull out my camera!

The closer we got to good ol' OKC the cloudier it got...
But God put a smile on my face; you see I have been trying to think of my favorite things kinda like the song from "Sound of Music"! LOL I know I am wierd, but seriously though. God reminded me of one of my favorite things:
God reminded that one of my favorite things is blue sky showing through rain clouds! :)
Remember its the small things in life that make us happy!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Last week we ventured out on our first family roadtrip and went to San Antonio! We stopped in Waco and went to the Dr. Pepper Museum; that was Sam's stop on the trip. It was pretty cool though!
We did have a hard time keeping up with Eli, don't know why we didn't use the puppy dog leash!? But in the midst of the chaos he stopped and unknowingly posed for me! From the Dr. Pepper Museum we drove to San Antonio. We spent Saturday and Sunday at Sea World. Both days it stormed on us but we just got out of the rain and waited it out. It turned out for the best! In waiting it out the crowds cleared out and cooled the temp down! It was the perfect 2 days to go!!! On Sunday we dined with Shamu, it was a little pricey but some friends talked us into it and I am so glad they did!!! IT IS WORTH THE MONEY!!!
We also spent quite a bit of time on the Riverwalk and downtown. I am a sucker for nature and architecture! I love taking pics of them so no lie the majority of our almost 2000 vacation pictures were of that! I have picked just a few of my favorites to share!